Amanda Bentley Brymer

Hi, I'm Amanda 

Thank you for your interest in my professional and personal work with rural communities, livelihoods, and landscapes. Check out my Research Blog to learn more about my postdoc with the University of Idaho and USDA for long-term agro-ecosystem research. Or, settle in for some Silvoor Stories about a special wildflower sanctuary near my home and friends and neighbors who help care for it.

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How do people benefit from nature,

and how does nature benefit from people?

How do we plan to use, conserve, and manage our shared land and resources? 

How do we talk and make decisions with people whose needs and ideologies conflict with ours?

LTAR Grazinglands Sustainable Production Group Meeting 
February 2019
Silvoor Biological Sanctuary - Invasive species removal
November 2018


International Symposium for Society & Resource Management
June 2019


In 2015, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) proposed the Bruneau-Owyhee Sage-Grouse Habitat (BOSH) Project, aiming to remove Western juniper from 1.75 million acres of public lands in southwestern Idaho. We conducted a social-ecological impact assessment with a novel conceptual and methodological approach for the BLM's draft Environmental Impact Statement.  

Diverse stakeholders have diverse interests in public lands and shared resources. Planning and decision-making processes create opportunities for conflict and collective action. Assessing workshop dialogue for changes in participants' knowledge about the issue and about each other can inform the improved design of future processes intended to build trust and collaborative relationships.